INVIGORATE! (Achieving Health & Wellness Goals using boundaries)

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Health and wellness goals aren’t limited to being physically fit and dietary adjustment, but they transcend into how you live, manage your time, operate professionally, and plan for your future. We understand that if you set goals for yourself that challenges you to get to a ‘better’ place in your life and work hard towards those goals that you will create a full and balanced life for yourself. In a nutshell, being healthy and well is all about being the best ‘YOU’ possible.

I know very well the importance of establishing goals, maintaining goals and even adjusting goals when needed. In December right before the New Year I went to the doctor for a routine physical and found that a lot of my levels were off. My blood pressure was sky high, my thyroid and my sugar was off and I had picked up several unwanted pounds.   Well, you might be thinking this is no big deal because lots of people experience these changes. While that may be true, for me it was crucial for me to develop a healthier plan for living.   Not just to look cute at the beach but also to appreciate and respect the sacrifice God made in creating me.   Also, I had to recognize that it would be difficult to live out his purpose and plan for my life if I do not change some things.   Well, I cannot say I have all the answers and that these changes will be easy but I have created some obtainable goals and I have team of individuals to support me along away.

Here are some tips that can help US on our path to getting healthier and well:

  1. Write your goals down and describe them in detail
  2. Create some goals that are easily attainable and some that truly challenge you beyond where you think you can go (but really want to see yourself going).
  3. Create action steps to reach your goals. Break those big goals down into manageable milestones to reach along the way.
  4. NEVER GIVE UP!!! If it doesn’t seem like you are getting anywhere DON’T CHANGE YOUR GOAL, alter your action steps.
  5. Be persistent! Keep trying. Keep working. Keep striving.

Let’s get to a healthy and well place together!! I look forward to your feedback and success stories throughout the year!

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