LOVE: crisis not exempt

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As we continue in the month designated for love, I encourage you to Go Ahead and Love through the crisis.


We all experience some type of crisis in our lives that seems to overshadow us and blur our focus. These crises can be life-threatening and life-altering, very large or somewhat small, but they exist and usually comes out of nowhere; at a time that’s most inconvenient and least expected. Every week I work with families that are battling infidelity, addictions, divorce, death, illness, and a host of other crises (life transitions) that shakes their family units at their very core. I am not exempt from these types of experiences. I was faced with a very difficult and major crisis in my life (it feels like it was only yesterday) and ultimately I had to make some hard decisions.

Four years ago I received the heartbreaking news that my dad, my soldier, was diagnosed with cancer. In those moments of processing that information I knew undoubtedly that my life would be forever changed. I didn’t know it at the time, but I soon learned that it would take the unrelenting strength of love to get us through that journey.  I’ve learned quite a few things during this journey and I’d like to share three tips, three decisions that I implore you to make during your crisis experience.

1.  CHOOSE LOVE   — It’s so easy to hate the process or the transition but God’s love covers all. Learning to love more, despite the situation, will definitely leave you in a better place.

2. CHOOSE FORGIVENESS  — Forgiveness releases and opens space for you to love more freely.

3. CHOOSE LIFE  — Despite what you are experiencing find ways to enjoy the good things you have in life and make a concentrated effort to enjoy the life that you live.

If you are wondering how my journey with my dad ended…

The traumatic event my family experienced caused us to appreciate each other, communicate in a more loving way, and it truly brought us closer.



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