The Party Must Go On!

Illuminationcc/ March 28, 2020/ Services

Tanisha Sapp (YT)
As a licensed therapist working with youth, I have seen a lot of anxiety from parents and kids about planned parties, graduations, and events that will be disrupted because of COVID-19.   However, technology and creativity can aid in providing families peace and fun during this time of crisis.  Here are tips to keep the party going.
1.  Bonding time- Use the social distancing time to create virtual invitations and allow your child to plan the party.
2) Entertainment- create online games that all the children can engage in at the party.
3. Send out a poll to the attendees on 3 selected movies or tv episodes to watch at the party.
4.  Do an arts and craft activity at the event.  Send parents a list of simple items that their kids can bring to the party.
5.  Dance time-  dancing is a fun way to get kids active at the party.
6.  Engage in a group scavenger hunt (break the kids into groups).  Technology will allow for this and the kids will love it.   Create scavenger hunts or interactive activities.  The small groups can share with other party attendees results from their interactive games.
7.  Show gratitude-  Have your child tell each person attending the party something that they are grateful for about each person attending the party.
8.  Get the parents involved-  Other parents are looking for activities and events for their kids.  Solicit support and ideas from them.
Make it a community event because we are all in this together.
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