Tips for Effective Parenting (Part 1)

Illuminationcc/ February 11, 2020/ Parenting

I have often worked with parents who had a difficult time with the challenges that come with being an effective parent.  None of us are born with the knowledge and skills required to be a successful parent.  Most people pick up their parenting styles from the environment and parental figures that raised them.  If we were raised with inadequate parenting then we tend to be less effective parents ourselves, and if we were raised with effective parenting then we tend to parent our children more effectively.  Since there is no such thing as a perfect person, there is no such thing as a perfect parent.  However, parents can learn and implement skills and behaviors that will help them to raise more well-adjusted and successful children.

Parenting involves meeting your child’s physical and emotional needs:

Here are 6 things that are required for effective parenting:

  1. Knowing your child well
  2. Having good communication with your child
  3. Setting limits for your child
  4. Disciplining your child in POSITIVE ways
  5. Supervising your child
  6. Being a good role model for your child



In my next article, I will delve deeper with insight into different parenting styles and how children respond to each one.

Written by Darrin Goodwin
Associate Professional Counselor


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