INVIGORATE! (Achieving Health & Wellness Goals using boundaries)

illuminationcc/ January 19, 2019

Health and wellness goals aren’t limited to being physically fit and dietary adjustment, but they transcend into how you live, manage your time, operate professionally, and plan for your future. We understand that if you set goals for yourself that challenges you to get to a ‘better’ place in your life and work hard towards those goals that you will

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Financial Management: It’s Never Too Early or Too Late To Learn

illuminationcc/ March 23, 2016

This month we are talking about finances and taxes. We know that this can be a stressful time as we are in the midst of tax season and preparing for spring break, but what better time to begin teaching your kids about finances? I work with lots of teens that feel entitled to have the latest and best cellphones, sneakers,

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LOVE: crisis not exempt

illuminationcc/ February 25, 2016

As we continue in the month designated for love, I encourage you to Go Ahead and Love through the crisis. We all experience some type of crisis in our lives that seems to overshadow us and blur our focus. These crises can be life-threatening and life-altering, very large or somewhat small, but they exist and usually comes out of nowhere;

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10 ways to boost your self-image and ultimately, your self-worth

illuminationcc/ January 31, 2016

As we wrap up this month’s discussion on self-worth and self-image, I will leave you with 10 tried and true tips to illuminate your journey and encourage you. Focus on your strengths. Oftentimes we focus on the mistakes we have made and the things we don’t have in our lives but if we begin to focus on all of the

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Are you moving or standing still?

illuminationcc/ September 24, 2015

This month I’m discussing transitions and boy do I have a lot of them. As stated in my newsletter I’m finalizing my book project, The Dumping Ground, and I’m moving to my new office space October 1. Although moving and change can be very exciting it can also be very stressful, costly, and frustrating if you don’t seek the proper

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It's Spring! Things are Changing

illuminationcc/ March 31, 2015

Spring is in the air, new life is awakening all around us as the earth gives way to the birth of its offspring as the dead of a cold, bleak winter melts away. But we can’t bask in the glory of this new birth too long because Summer will soon be here with its luminous rays of sun and sweltering

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Take a closer look within

illuminationcc/ January 26, 2012

              Which one is real?  Why is authenticity important? You would have to look very close to determine which one of these pictures represents an authentic diamond.  When determining authenticity perhaps you would look at clarity or even look at the cut of the diamond.  Perhaps some would look at the size to determine

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